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Performance Workshop

Most singers and performers spend an incredible amount of time rehearsing and pay a fortune on equipment to make sure everything “sounds” right. In today’s world, not enough time is spent learning how to make a real connection between the performer and their audience. Many artists just don’t realize that performing live involves a whole separate set of skills which need to be developed. This workshop is designed to help you apply specific techniques to the stage, and if mastered, will enable performers to truly engage their audience and approach auditions with confidence and conviction! If you’re serious about improving your stage craft and becoming a fearless performer, then we highly recommend this workshop!

You will learn and experience:
-Amazing performances from today’s artists as well as some guest speakers
-How to effectively warm up your voice before a show or audition
-The importance of song choice
-What is your unique style and how to convey that message to your audience
-What should the performer possess visually, verbally, musically, and emotionally
-How to be fearless and command the stage no matter the circumstances!
-What people are saying:

“Anyone can just grab the microphone and sing. It takes a lot of time, courage and determination to be a performer. I still use every method I’ve learned in the Performance workshop, EVERY TIME I perform. My life has completely changed!”

“I partook in the performance workshop at ET Studio Productions in February 2015. Teaching by her side were two of my talented mentors, Kim Ince and Jes Hudak. This four week workshop ultimately changed my life. It taught me how all we have to do is try. We are all human and no one is perfect. Stay focused, take a leap of faith, take a risk, and never miss out on an opportunity Laura, Kim, and Jes taught me how to have confidence in myself and embrace my originality and my imperfections. Before the workshop I was too scared to even step foot on a stage, and now I never want to put down the microphone!”

“Performance coaching with ET Studio’s was an amazing experience! I not only learned my audition song, but was taught  how to act/behave as well. The confidence I’ve gained since then is unbelievable. I never thought I could stand in front of a room of judges and give it my all. Every person that wants to be confident and sing, needs this Workshop in their life!”

“Laura is wonderful on so many levels. She has incredible talent, and a love for her craft that she passes on to her students. She is always professional, friendly, and fun. She relates to her students on their level, while always trying to bring them up to the next level. As an artist, a person, and a teacher, she deserves the highest praise there is.”

“I love that I was able to show my flaws and weaknesses without feeling embarrassed. Most teachers want to change you , but what I love about Laura is that she understands and listens to the type of artist I want to be and guides me in that direction.”

Details: (This Workshop is 4 weeks, once a week with 16 hours of teaching)
Cost: $150 per class, $500 for Full Workshop

Songwriting 101 Workshop


Raise the level of your Songwriting with this powerful and innovative workshop. Whatever genre of music you write, and whatever level of experience, this course is sure to inspire and help you become a better Songwriter! Every writer will have the opportunity to collaborate and network with one another in a supportive environment and have the chance to record their scratch ideas. All exercises are tailored to emulate specific areas of songwriting while encouraging and highlighting each writers specific style!
You will learn and experience:
How to overcome fear based songwriting and how to let ideas naturally flow to you
Your unique writers voice that will let you turn your songs into reflections of your soul
The importance of the “Title” and the many different ways it can be used
How to write for many different genres and styles of music
Careful analysis of Yesterday and Today’s hits and what makes them successful
How to overcome writers block and become inspired again!

(This Workshop is 5 weeks, once a week with 20 hours of teaching)

$150 per class, $550 for Full Workshop

For more information call us at 718.873.9800


Check out our testimonial video!

After taking ET Studio’s Summer Performance Workshop our students now have the knowledge and power to perform on stage with a new found confidence. We are so proud of all they’ve accomplished! Here’s what they have to say….

This featured ET Studio Productions Summer Performance Workshop took place during the month of June 2014 and featured mentors Laura Monaco, Jes Hudak, and Kim Ince along with guest speakers Frankie Zulferino, and Jax.

Shot and Edited by Amanda Martino




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