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Welcome to ET Studio Productions! We are a music production and publishing company specializing in Songwriting, ProductionRecording, Mixing,Vocal Coaching, Piano/Guitar Lessons, and Artist Development. Our mission is to provide the very best creative environment for recording artists, singers, songwriters, and musicians to capture their musical vision. Our clients have appeared on shows including AMERICAN IDOL, THE VOICE,  XFACTOR, CW’s THE NEXT, MTV’s MADE, and RISING STAR. Music by ET Studio Productions can be heard on Season 7 and 8 of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” With music degrees from both Five Towns College and Berklee College of Music and years of experience with major artists, our team has the knowledge and experience to help artists achieve their goals and aspirations.

Songwriting & Pre-production

At ET Studio Productions we realize that although we have the tools to record great sounds, what’s most important are great songs. We have a talented team of songwriters and musicians whose main goal is to turn even the most basic idea or melody into a well developed song andundeniable vibe, regardless of musical genre. “A great recording does not make a song great, but a great song is the starting point for a great sounding recording.”




Recording can be an intimidating experience for both beginners and studio veterans alike. A comfortable vibe and creative atmosphere are just as important as what kind of microphones to use. Recording really is capturing a live performance, so whether you’re a headbanger or a classical singer, we strive to customize our studios specifically to your needs. Our spacious live rooms andtreated vocal booths can accomodate any size band or project. As for the technical side of things, our studios boast some of the most professional and vintage gear used on many of the recordings you listen to everyday. Our gear includes SSL, Neve, Emperical Labs, BAE, Avid, Steinberg, & Waves to name a few.


Mixing is a crucial step in the development of a song or production, and experience, knowledge, and a trained set of ears are important qualities when choosing a mixing environment. ET Studio Productions offers both talented and experienced engineers and the integration of digital audio workstations along with analog consoles and outboard gear to truly create “the best of both worlds”. So whether you’ve recorded with us or at another location, we have the tools and ability to bring any mix to life!




Vocal & Artist Development Coach

Laura Monaco is a certified “Vocal Styles” specialist by Berklee College of Music, located in New York. I am also a songwriter and recording artist with over a decade of experience. I work on a daily basis with music industry professionals, management companies, A&R, and Billboard charting writers and producers. My students and clients have been placed in shows like MTV’s MADE, THE VOICE, AMERICAN IDOL, and CW’s THE NEXT. My goal is to help artists and vocalists of all styles by instilling proper vocal technique as well as providing guidance in the music business. Together, we can map out a strategy, goal-set, and help you find your STRONGEST & TRUEST VOICE.

Piano Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Artist Development

Acting Lessons


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