ET Studios’ Production 101 Workshop – Coming This November


Are you interested in producing your own music, right from your own laptop or desktop computer?

ET Studios’ Joey Martino will be leading his Production 101 Workshop on Saturdays this November, from 12 pm to 3 pm. Take a peek at what the workshop has to offer you:

WEEK 1: Linear (Analog) & Nonlinear (Digital) Recording
What is a DAW and which should I use?
How to set up a home studio for music production and audio recording
Inputs vs Outputs and how do I connect my studio gear together correctly

WEEK 2: Creating beats and loops
Working with MIDI
Recording Instruments and Vocals

WEEK 3: Editing your tracks
Time stretching and pitch correction of recorded tracks

WEEK 4: Basic mixing and mastering techniques

REQUIREMENTS: A laptop/desktop computer with internet connection and Pro Tools First (free download). Workshop classes do not require you to bring a computer but you are welcome to do so and perform tasks along with your instructor. Hands on experience will be given to all that attend!

With digital recording and your own imagination, there is no limit to what kind of music YOU can create. There are a limited number of seats for the workshop, so contact Laura at today to register!


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