The Top 5 Ways to Ruin Your Voice

singer screaming

Imagine you’re a guitar player (and many of you are!), and you’ve been given the most unique and exquisite guitar anyone has ever owned. You are the only one who can play it, and you are the only one who ever will.

Would you bring it home and knock it around your room like you would your backpack full of homework?

I doubt it highly.

That’s how you should view your voice: it is an instrument, and indeed a rare one that no one in this world can play but you.

While you can’t bash your voice against an amplifier, you can ruin it in other ways. Here are the top 5:

  1. Drinking or eating dairy. Dairy creates mucous and a false barrier over your vocal chords. Do not eat or drink ANY dairy products for AT LEAST 48 hours before singing!
  1. Smoking, drinking, or taking illicit drugs. This is quite obvious, but you would be surprised how many people would rather look cool and fit in rather than take care of their instrument!
  1. Misusing your speaking voice. Once you have been properly trained, you will learn the importance of speaking above your vocal chords rather than directly on them. Most of the time when singers lose their voice, it’s from how they speak.
  1. Whispering. Whispering is something I recommend be avoided at all costs. Air and sound both move your chords differently, so when you mix them together, you run the risk of rubbing your chords together sporadically which creates friction and swelling!
  1. Clearing your throat. This is definitely one thing that most singers do not realize how heavily their chords can be affected by. If you feel the urge to clear your throat, I advise using a backwards cough or making a gentle “Kah” sound. Sometimes even drinking water can help!

I hope these tips can help you continually take care of your rare instrument. Remember, you’re the only one who can play it!



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